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The post house for creatives

Think of us as glorious bookends – working at the beginning and end of each campaign to make it as brilliant as can be.

When we work with you, we become a part of your team – just as crazily invested in the impact and success of the project. Let’s work together to develop and finesse the most magnificent pitch and case study films imaginable.

You want to win pitches and awards. We’re into that too.

Motion Graphics
Colour Grading

Footage Research
Stills Research
Licensing & Clearance

Your projects aren’t necessarily a breezy A to B. So, we simplify complex workflows and when it comes to editing, we livestream the process. It feels (almost) like sitting in the same room together.

We’re geeks of the highest order, so research excites us. With our own curated, supersized cloud-based media library, we can always find just what we’re looking for – quickly.

“The thing we love about Niemand Studio is they take the brief but also give invaluable input. They are masters at weaving story and strategy into an emotional edit that is still clear and concise.”
Nadja Lossgott & Nicholas Hulley, CCOs, AMV BBDO
“Having Niemand Studio working as part of the team just puts me at ease... they just instinctively know what works best to tell the most impactful story.”
Rob Steeles, ECD, Sideshow
“Our award-winning Cannes submission looked beautiful thanks to Niemand Studio. We love working with people as talented as them.”
Margaux Revol, Strategy Partner, AMV BBDO
“Niemand Studio is our go-to company for pitches and media research. Their work is always high quality and they deliver the look and feel we're after, every time!”
Stephen Walters, Operations Director, McCann Demand

Our talent isn’t bound by borders. We work from our homes, office shares, log cabins, and tree houses. We work where we feel most comfortable, because that’s where we produce our best work.

Remote since 2018,
we deliver the highest standards of face-to-face post production in a virtual setting.